Can we get a profit/loss only chart for the portfolio?

Every time I add money to my portfolio the graph becomes more and more useless.
Can we have a chart for profit/loss on its own no invested value and then a chart for the amount invested?
Its just becoming muddled now.
Also the stamp duty element should really be included into profit/loss?


I’m pretty sure this has been requested before.

I think they’re working on it. I would advise in the meantime using one of portfolio trackers elsewhere so you can see a true reflection of your P&L. I use StockMaster which works well for me and is packed full of indicators you can screen.


Ideal thankyou, this is still all early days for me I appreciate it.

No problem! I’m only a few months In and have some things the hard way :joy:.

You can export from it into Excel and get a PDF report etc also.

Just having a look now which stock master do you use if you dont mind me asking?

No problem.

There may be better tools out there but it’s the best I’ve found.

I do pay for premium also but you don’t have to too start off with.

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Thankyou , can you import your portfolio or do you do it manually?

Manually I’m afriad. To start with it’s a real pain as you need to go back and check the dates and times of US stocks so the exchange rate is considered.

I’m all ears if anyone knows anything else with a screen function?

Along the same lines, for it to work would also need something that correctly factors interest/dividend payments.

I would think something simple like every time you receive a dividend/interest payment, your current bookcost is reduced.

That way your performance should correctly represent your total return at a security/portfolio level.

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I would be happy to pay t212 to incorporate this if that helps with the associated costs?
I’ve downloaded the stock master app so i will go through all my existing shares and add them.
I can see why t212 is so popular though the app is beautiful by design in comparison to two investing apps I’ve just tried.

Stock Master took a while to get my head around at first, part of that was lack of understanding and generally anything at the start.

Fortunately lots and reading and perseverance are paying off.

Feature like the below are handing while looking for entry points on your watchlist.

I’m just going through it now, the indicators are great but its quite a messy app

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It’s pretty clunky until you know your way around.