Proton Motor (LSE:PPS)

One of the best performing stocks of 2020 and amazingly not on here

Did X10 in just two years.

@David @Rumen can it please also be made fractional too so it can be added to this pie. :pray:


Please add PPS, thanks

Bump @David :pray: cheers

Please can you add Proton Motor Power Systems Plc (PPS.L)

Up 7.43% Today. Might not be a popular stock but please add them.

Thank you

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@David @Rumen another bump :pray:


@David @Rumen Would Still be great to have this added :+1:

I tried with this one back in Jan;

Ah that’s unfortunate. Hopefully it can be added when they have access to it. Thank you for the help👍

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