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Can you add this stock please, fastned


I am interested in this one also :smiley:.

@David ??? Need to get in before it rises great value atm!

Just to give some context, this is a company that is involved with establishing charging points for electric vehicles. Its main market by far is The Netherlands, however it also has charging points in the UK (1 at the moment) and Germany.

It trades on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (Euronext) and its ticker on Google is AMS: FAST

@david @george @Team212

@revelcsi1iicidem, it is probably best not to tag the team, I think that they are quite busy with last week’s technical issue as well as the new AutoInvest feature and making more shares fractional.

I just hope that they add it in one of the next batches, but I don’t think we will be getting new companies/ETFs soon as they already have quite alot on their plate.

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I know I suppose I just wanna invest! Haha

@EquityInvestor @David did say to tag them in stocks/IPOs to add as they are so busy as to remind them.

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@David @George @Team212

@David sorry for pestering but it’s a MUST haha!

Hi, can you add this stock?

OPES - OPES Acquisition Corp?


Hi please can we add planet 13 stock ( PLTH )


They aren’t adding any new stocks for the time being

Planet 13 is traded solely OTC, which isn’t available for trading 212 to add

Please add this stock

Please add (MADE) to stock listings