Prudential demerger

Have read on article on Reuters about how prudential are selling part of there business. It states β€œ The company said shares in Jackson would be distributed to Prudential shareholders after the demerger, which is expected in the second quarter of 2021.” Will I get shares in Jackson at some point through trading 212? Also I would appreciate anyones views on future of prudential share price. I’m still up on prudential after this week as bought some early last year but not sure if should hold or sell now as not clear how this effects it. One of my biggest holdings.

Hi , have you managed to find out any info about the Jackson shares? I have some Prudential shares with Charles Stanley and the Jackson shares arrived straight away but no info with 212 as yet sadly

Should the Jackson demerged shares from the Prudential be showing up in our accounts ?


The info below might be useful. :point_down:

In a nutshell, when it comes to similar corporate events, we distribute the cash equivalent of the new shares to all eligible shareholders. There is a piece of additional information in the article here from our Help Centre.

Thank you much appreciated