IAG shares from RI

Does anyone know when the RI shares will hit our accounts??
I assumed it was after close of busines on the 7th ?? Does 212 need a few more days to process this like with div payments ??

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They say it will probably be before noon time.

OK let wait and see.

Thanks for that I won’t hold my breath mind you lol.
Nice to see the SP on the up though.

I was just wondering this.

212 Tech support say:
Shares are yet to be distributed by CREST due to technical difficulties from their side. No one has received such shares from any broker as of this moment. I can assure you that as soon as the shares are distributed by CREST we will allocate them into your account.

No ETA for when it’s likely to be completed.

OK that makes sense blame someone else lol…
Cheers for that

I’ve had them added to my account this morning!