How possible!? You must show correct numbers of profit

I invested £143.78
After a while I sold it for £145.50
Profit should be +£1.72
But Trading 212 shows +£2.43!!!

It’s not real.
What for this FAKE bin done???!

They must write correct amount of profit, that will be taxed correctly.



This could be due to spread or, more likely, currency fluctuations:

@topher BARC being Barclays and his account is in pounds I recognize him from another thread.

Ok so

(98.5388031*147.66)/100 = £145.50 :white_check_mark:

Have you got the other screengrab buying?

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Good spot, I’m a bit weary eyed and assumed it was another spread or forex issue!

The profit you see is their share of the profit, meaning the spread, you sold for 1.72, but they gained on top of it, it happens all the time, you are in profit 1, but in reality your profit is more, but due to the spread they will take half of your profit, check you will see.

spread doesn’t take your profit… your profit is based on the difference between the actual prices you bought and sold at. spread is just the difference between the buy and sell at any one instance…
the FX rate between account currency and stock currency will fluctuate and this can boost or negate the change in stock price at the same time.

I think you need to brush up on how the market works before trying to claim that someone is ‘taking half of your profits’.

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I know how the market works very, well and trust me you need to start then to check the story of your trades and the oscillations of the instruments, and tell you more the price action is delayed, also the moment is not correct, just open Trading view, Finviz, Benziga Pro, and T212 and check the charts, also the charts are not the most accurate, once I have address this to costumer service, and they replied to me was mere indicative the price charts?!
Also how many times happen to you having the same chart open and they are different, make the experience, go on your Station, and open 2 or 3 T212 windows and you will see the same chart , then we talk I send innumerous print screens about it to costumer service about this issue, so don’t get so worked up, we are discussing something that is really and you can deny or tell whatever , but isn’t true, and dont measure a person by a comment, perhaps before you tell somebody to “brush” make sure you have your homework done, I operate with 4 different trading platforms.
I quiet like the T212 a lot due to the diversification of instruments, they are quiet accessible to trade, straight fwd, most of the stocks are easily traded, no worries, but yes there is a lot of small technical glitches, easily fixed, like on preferences you have one click sell, doesn’t work, doesn’t actually exist, one click sell.

If you really use multiple platforms you should be used to recognizing that what T212 charts are different so obviously they won’t match your externals chart sources.

I didn’t measure you by a comment, your comments are representative of your views and you get treated befitting such. you have to face that what you are saying doesn’t add up. T212 has a variety of minor graphical glitches, all are being addressed, none influence the price your trades are filled at. It’s not a matter of denial when you get told that T212 are not the ones responsible for your losses. your accusations that T212 is robbing you of portions of your profits are unfounded.

I wrote little yet I am the one getting worked up? that’s funny :joy: perhaps take a holiday and comeback once things settle down?

You should then know that the ASK is plotted on the T212 chart supplied from Bloomberg.

If you are comparing then you need to be comparing ASK to ASK on two brokers that provide raw spreads and they will be identical if a live feed.

If you look at something like TradingView that plots the trades, these are the prices that were paid from buying and received from selling. (and a 15min delay on some instruments like on LSE)

You have an ASK for 10, the BID is at say 8. Someone buying could hit the ASK, or pay say 9.5
The 9.5 is the trade you would see on TradingView, Finviz etc. The 10 is whats being ASKed and is on T212 charts.

And the prices are called indicative as they are not guaranteed, essentially behind you have the order book and its simply taking the lowest on the ask side and highest on the bid side for the L1 view. And depending on liquidity changing every second so if you market buy/sell you open yourself up to movement between placing and executing.

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Going back to the OP do you have a screengrab of buying BARC?