Question about "Invite a Friend"


I have a question regarding the Trading212 Invite a Friend Promotion.

In the Terms and Conditions it says at 3.3:
You have to log into Your Trading 212 account at least once every three months after you have received/sold the Referral Share (whichever occurs the latest).

and 4.3:
In the occurrence of an Event of Default you shall be subject to a penalty. The penalty for an Event of Default shall equal the monetary amount of the Referral Share/s at the time of an Event of Default.

My question is: What happens if I invite a friend, he get his Referral Share, sells it after 30 days, withdraw the money and decides to close his account. After 3 months they will send a bill? Or do they only take money if your account is still active with credits available?

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Someone help please?

You won’t be affected no matter what your friend does with their share.

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@George okay, but what will happens if I decide to stop trading on Trading121? What happens after 3 months if I sold all my shares and close my account?

Will they fine me the free shares that I got before even after I close my account?

A more detailed answer for this question can be found in following thread

@eu42 Thanks!! That is what I was looking for.

So if I decide to sell my free shares at any point and withdraw the money, im free to go without any bills or claims right? :slight_smile:

We don’t have such concept. Clients never owe us money. :slight_smile:

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I referred my friend and he sold the share. But when he is trying to withdraw the money on the same day, the amount is not showing up to withdraw. Any clues or ideas?

the funds are restricted for about a month I think. so you can’t just cash out on a free share as soon as you get it.

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