How do the disqualification rules work for inviting friends?

It says that Trading212 will reclaim the free share or its monetary value if the person you invite immediately closes their account and/or withdraws all deposited funds after the reward shares have been allocated which if fair you dont want people scamming the system. But something that troubles me is that it also says that the same thing happens if the person you invite doesnt log into their trading212 account for three consecutive month. So bassicaly its never free and its a loan because eventually everyone will not log in for at least 3 months. So my question is does this rule apply only to the share that is given to you for free or does it stops to apply if you sell it/withdraw the money?

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The rule is not applied if you choose to reinvest/withdraw the free funds or simply to login into your account. Otherwise, the free share or its monetary value (should you decide to sell the free share) will be reclaimed. All this information is also present in the terms of the campaign.

Thanks for clearing this up because the terms were a bit confusing and i was scared i would owe trading212 money if i ever wanted to quit stock trading

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