Free Share Conditions

Hi. I opened an account this weekend and have a question about the free share. From the conditions:

3.3. You have to log into Your Trading 212 account at least once every three months after you have received/sold the Referral Share (whichever occurs the latest).

Does this mean that I lose the share or owe T212 the value of the share if I sell it, unless I log in every 3 months for the rest of my life? Shouldn’t there be some time limit on this? I’m not sure that I really want this “free” share if that’s the case.


If you don’t login into your account for 3 months after the free share allocation, then yes, we will reclaim it back. Our aim is straightforward: avoid having “dead” accounts, where someone, as an example, used the documents of his relatives to create an account & abuse the promotion to get that free share.

However, if you’re using your account actively, then there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, you can withdraw the free share monetary value after 30 days.

And no, you won’t owe us money by any means.

Thanks for your reply.

So should that read:

You have to log into Your Trading 212 account at least once in the three months after you have received/sold the Referral Share (whichever occurs the latest).


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That would make a big difference. I’ve had to be very clear to my referrals telling them they have to log in every three months minimum, it’s a lot of pressure and sounds scary. My advice based on the actual terms is that they just should never sell that free share and they won’t lose any money. But if it’s the latter that would be much easier

The share is entirely free, and the client’s money will always remain unaffected. :white_check_mark:

So you can keep the share(s) for a more extended period (and yes, you have to login at least once on every 3 months), or you can sell it and reinvest the monetary value/withdraw it (in 30 days after the allocation).

If you’re interested in keeping precisely that type of share, then you can sell the free one, withdraw the funds, deposit again using your own money and buy the same stock - that way the “3 months login” rule will be bypassed. :v:

OK, so I think I understand it now!

If I keep the share but forget to log in every 3 months, then you reclaim the share.

If I sell the share and then forget to log in, you can’t reclaim it or the monetary value, because the share has now been sold.

But look at this

4.1. Any breach of and or non-compliance with any or all of the qualifying requirements under Section 1 or any or all of the Conditions listed in Section 3 above shall constitute an event of default

“Section 3” includes 3.3, the part about logging in every 3 months.

Section 4.2 then says

In the occurrence of an Event of Default, Trading 212 shall cancel and invalidate all agreements and legal relations between You and Trading 212 ensuing from the Promotion and shall consider them to be null and void. The latter shall result in Trading 212 closing your account(s) and clawing back the Promotion Share or its monetary value.

This suggests that not logging in every 3 months constitutes “default” and the penalty for default is closing your account! Is this right?

The free share or it’s monetary value (should you decide to sell the free share) will be reclaimed. The rule is not applied if you choose to reinvest/withdraw the free funds or simply to login in your account. All this information is also present in the terms which you mentioned above.

Your T&Cs do seem to be saying that your account will be closed if you don’t log in for three months. Is that correct or am I misunderstanding it? Does it only apply to inactive accounts? If I hold investments but don’t trade them or log in for 3 months, does that mean you will close my account?

It is written that if you breach the promotion terms, i.e. fraudulent behavior to obtain unfairly free shares, then yes, your account will be closed.

But let’s not confuse the audience here - all above has nothing to do with the client’s investment. None of your own funds/shares will be ever affected even if you don’t login, nor your account will be closed.

I recommend you to double check the Share dealing terms for reassurance, since by far you’re referring only to T&C of the “Invite a friend” promotion.