Raised a ticket 2 weeks ago & portfolio issue Q

  1. I raised a ticket 2 weeks ago - could someone revert on it please?

  2. Should ‘Account Value’ + ‘Live Result’ = ‘Amount of Money you invested’ ? Mine is slightly off by £21 and I can’t figure out why.

Amount of money invested currently is displayed in the portfolio graph. Total amount invested would be total deposits - total withdraws - free funds if that’s what you’re asking. The. You can find your profit or loss by taking this away from your portfolio value.

I don’t know what “Live Result” is. Are you using the web site or the app? Are you using CFD or INVEST/ISA?

Does this help at all?:

It relates to the app and INVEST/ISA.

I’m talking about website for an ISA account.

In my example, my Free funds + Portfolio = Account Value. Which all adds up fine.

The part I’m confused about is this. I’ll use example numbers to illustrate:
Amount invested = £1,000
Account Value = £960
My live result is -£61

Probably exchange rates for GBPUSD conversion when investing in US stocks.

Good point. Could be FX conversion.

Would be great if someone from trading212 could confirm

You can calculate it yourself. Take the GBPUSD price of the day you opened position and use current price for today. And you see the difference in FX. Guess you can calculate this in Numbers too. I believe you need the CURRENCYH function.

I’ve made alot of trades, so it isnt easy to calculate them all.