[Bug] Pie rebalancing

Hi 212 team, thanks for the great work so far. Being using 212 since Mar 2020 and everything was amazing over the past 2.5 years.

However since a few months ago, when I try to hit rebalance my pie, after it displays how much of x to sell and how much of y to buy and hitting confirm, only the SELLING part is done, but the BUYING part always fails.

Cash is then returned to cash balance of pie and I have to manually withdraw it from pie, buying the underweight stock manually, then importing it back to the pie…

Any ideas?

similar issue here. i’m glad i’m not the only one. mine’s being looked into. they didn’t believe me that i wasn’t cancelling my own orders as it comes up as cancelled on their end lol

but yeah very frustrating

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Hello, @HM93.

We are looking into what may have prompted this behaviour. I’ll update the thread as soon as I have more information.

Meanwhile, an alternative would be to proceed with your buy orders manually, using the custom method. :pray:

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Thank you!

Also to note the custom buy method only works when cash is returned to account cash but in this case the bug causes the failed buy order’s cash to be returned to pie cash.

Therefore I had to withdraw cash from pie cash to account cash first, then do the custom buy/buy manually then import into pie.

I don’t rebalance my pies very often, but the same thing has happened to me more than once over the last few months.

However, I didn’t have to do so much hoop-jumping to fix the problem - when the “buy” part fails, you can just press the “invest” button, select “pie’s cash” as the funding source, and the “self balancing” option for fund distribution.

Hmm this sounds good as a workaround, but I don’t see a place where I can choose funding source to be pie’s cash. It is only from account cash for me.


If there is spare cash in the pie, that should be available as an option. If there is no spare cash in the pie, the option doesn’t show. You may need to choose to invest a nominal amount (e.g. £1) from outside the pie, and the pie’s cash is then automatically added to that.

That sounds more like what I can remember. Problem is account cash is 0 and I just want to rebalance, not invest an additional amount.

So to invest the failed buy order I’ll still have to withdraw and invest back.

Of course if the bug can be fixed then all becomes well.

i’ve tried this but it still fails. i suspect, mostly due to the instrument’s liquidity itself.

All stocks in my pie are popular ones so there is no liquidity concern. In fact I only have 5 stocks Tesla Apple Amazon Microsoft Google.

Always fails the buy order on rebalance - a bug waiting to be fixed.

fair enough. i’m still leaning towards a bug pending some resolution and finding from the customer support team

i find that just rebalancing again after its failed tends to work, sometimes it sells a few extra quid in the heavy ones and then tries to redeploy the cash across the %ages. I think the worst one i did recently needed a couple of goes after the initial try.

Hi Michael,

Just checking in as it has been awhile.

Any updates on this?