Re-invest Dividend monitoring help?

New to the platform, next month I will get my first small dividend payout (AT&T), I will manually re-invest it in my AT&T holding. Now I want to monitor my total gain from amount I put in long term, how does Trading 212 display this so I know if i need an external monitoring system. Let me explain with simple numbers.

For this example lets say stock is £10 and dividend is £0.5. So I reinvest my Dividend it is now £10.5, lets also say when I am looking in a month it has gone up by £1.5 in growth, so now £12 total. Now for my records the useful information is £10 in, £12 value, 20% growth, but will trading 212 display simply as £10.5 in, £12 value so roughly 15% higher.

What I am asking when I take dividend as cash, then reinvest manually, does trading 212 know that this cash is my dividend not NEW money i transferred in?

For clarity I am talking about a stock within a pie that has other stocks.

I am not staff, but I would expect it to be the case that dividends do not retain any internal tag to identify the stock from which they came. They simply make an addition to free funds. If you would like dividends from T to be reinvested into T and add to the growth computation for T then you might make a pie containing the single stock T and then set up auto reinvestment for that pie.

Yeah dividends recieved within a pie is not treated the same as free funds if it was recieved outside of the pie.

The pie records the dividends reinvested:

These dividends were also counted as reinvested, even though I withdrew it from the pie and bought stock outside of a pie.

Ah ok thanks for input both of you. I see that picture is when reinvested on. I have it turned off as my pies have multiple stocks 5-7 in them and I want to reinvest in the stock that it comes from and dont want to create a pie for each stock.

I guess I will use next months AT&T dividend to test the system and see how I feel to organise it going forward.

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Hey there @Hbomb,

If the Auto reinvest option is switched off, all dividends will appear in your Invest account’s free funds.

In this case, if you decide to reinvest the dividend as cash manually later, it will appear as a manual deposit rather than a dividend reinvestment.

Thanks @L.D that is annoying though as I would happily auto-reinvest if it could be set to only the stock which the dividend came from, but right now the only way is clunky through making a pie per stock thus defeating the pie.

Anyone got an tips on monitoring dividends/reinvestment return long term external to trading to 212?