🥧 Ready-made pies are here!

Investing is a habit. Automate it with a pie!

Choose a diversified portfolio powered by ETFs from the world’s largest asset managers.

:white_check_mark: Choose a ready-made pie
:white_check_mark: Set your goal
:white_check_mark: Deposit automatically or manually

Automatic investing refers to executing scheduled deposits. You are responsible for all investment and rebalancing decisions.


It Sounds like a good service for those who are not too confident with creating their own ETF portfolio.
Do the pies allow you simply to choose the weight distribution amongst equities, bonds and commodities?
Do they allow you to select the specific product (ETF)?
Do the pies show you the total amount of TER charged through the pie?
I’ll have a look at the service anyway and provide feedback.
Thanks for introducing new products!

Ready-made Pies that consist of equity, bonds and commodities allow you to choose between 3 different weight distributions - Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive.

All instruments are selected by the asset manager. You can see the full composition in the ‘Overview’ section once you select a ready-made Pie.

Yes, the TER can be seen in the ‘Overview’ section.

We have an article that covers ready-made Pies in more detail. If you’re interested, you can visit this page :raised_hands:

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Will more ready made pies be added in the future?


Model pies based on some famous allocations would be an interesting addition.

I’m thinking Ray Dalio’s all-weather portfolio, Harry Browne’s permanent portfolio etc.

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Yes, we plan to expand our library of ready-made pies in the future.

That’s an interesting suggestion - I’ll share it with the team :raised_hands:


Great concept. It might also be interesting to promote this separately on the website for beginner investors. As goal-based investing or something similar, I think it’s an interesting alternative to the Dutch Peaks. Additionally, it could be appealing to allow users to adjust the allocation to bonds, stocks, and commodities over time. And perhaps cryptocurrencies could be added in the future.

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