Real-time charting!

What do you guys think about Free real-time charting or atleast the option to pay for it. The stocks are slightly delayed?

From my time using this platform I can say that the price evolution is very good without delays longer than a few sec(very rare case). For what stock did you encountered a problem?

@SvaFlrn The prices are real-time, where did you encounter a delay?

I’ve seen some broker firms in Usa you have to pay to have realtime charts and others that have 0% commisions has to make money somehow and delay the charts a few min.
A site offering for Intraday Data (15 minute delayed) for 57$ and 176$ for realtime data.
What others chart do you watch to know that they are on point and don’t slow the charts?
You were interested in this topic?

I think that real time for you means 0.00000001 sec delay from when the price changes (for professional day trading and yes there are some brokers that offer this for a price) while the free brokers use 1-3 ms delay. I might be wrong and need some tech guys @David to confirm this.

T212 makes its money from CFD Traders. this is why they can list themselves as fee-free for all the other services. all their charts are live on real money accounts and slightly delayed I believe in the practice demo accounts. The few issues that are experienced with the current charts will be resolved once the data-feed switches to the upcoming new provider.