Real-time stats of traders

On the ISA side, how can I find out how many people are active in real time on a given stock? Some stocks seem very sluggish in terms of buyers and sellers, is there a way to find out how many are dealing on a given stock in real time? Thank you in advance.

That’s not yet possible. However, I’ll pass it on as feedback and let you know if we start working on such an option at some point.

Thank you. Is there any videos that explains the full functionality of the platform?

You can check out our YouTube channel here. Besides, the articles in our Help Centre might be handy as there are illustrations & step-by-step guides on using the different app functions.

You can check the liquidity direct on the exchanges as an indicator if thats what you are looking for - most show it online, albeit with a lag of say 15 minutes, but it gives you an idea of the stock liquidity/turnover.

You’ve probably seen it but you can check out the hotlist and filter by 1 hour to see who is buying what in an indirect kind of way