Realty Income dividend not received 5 days after supposed payment date!


I purchased shares in Realty Income for the first time at the beginning of September, well in advance of the September ex-dividend date. Going by the company’s website pay-outs should’ve been made on this past Thursday, but still no sign as of yet.

I was just wondering if anyone else was still waiting on payment, or if it’s just an issue for me?

Many thanks.

I’m also waiting for dividend from Realty Income. Bought shares long time ago. Great company.

It usually take a few days to receive a dividend but there have been a few occasions we’re it takes significantly longer even a couple of weeks. Realty incomes dividend have not be distributed yet don’t worry you will get it

It’s been 2 working days, today’s the 3rd. So I would expect it today or tomorrow

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Hello @Robertgibbs1 @buger29,

Dividends on Realty Income (O) have been distributed to the eligible accounts. :v:t4:


I have received my dividend but I have noted it has been allocated to a PIE that I had previously used to by “O” but not in the PIE that is currently held. (I used the export/import function in order to create a different PIE if it makes more sense).

Received mine this morning :smiley:

Per current design, dividend is distributed to the Pie in which stock resided before ex dividend date.


Is there a reason for the long delays?

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Just for curiosity, what will happen if that pie is deleted instead?

It will go into general free funds of account.

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Same goes for MAIN, SRC and STOR (paydate all 15 oct). Will wait until tomorrow and check again

Hello @amavis442,

All of the aforementioned dividends have been distributed.

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