3M Dividend Late

3M dividend was paid out on 12th Dec but haven’t received yet, more than a week later.

When can it be expected?

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Got 3M dividend today. Still waiting for MAIN

My dividends appear to be running late - MCD and Realty Income both of which were paid out 6 days ago.

The dividends always arrive eventually. I accept a slight delay via interactive brokers as I’m so happy with the free awesome market leading U.K. platform Trading 212 offer.
Realty Income hasn’t arrived here yet, but it will :+1:t3:

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Yeah still no Realty Income Dividend - I received my McDonalds dividends yesterday. They were both paid out on the 15th Dec.

Yeah same here with Realty. Not sure why yhe delays as a few months ago they arrived a lot quicker.