Realty income spinoff company 'Orion', Trading212 is gonna give us the shares and money?

Following the merger of O and VEREIT, Realty income shareholders will receive one share of the new spinoff company for every ten shares of Realty income owned.

This means that you receive an additional $2.50 in value for each Realty income share owned

$25 / 10 = $2.50
Price of Orion shares / Number of Realty Shares needed to get one = Realty Income value received per O share in the new company.

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Hey @Sergio :wave:

We’ll shortly have the due shares distributed to each eligible shareholder account as per the agreed-upon terms of the deal.

We’ll also send an in-app notification, where you may find additional details.


Hi @B.E,

Has this event happend on T212 system? I didn’t received any notification.

Edit: just found out that shares of Orion common stock are expected to start trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Nov. 15, 2021.

Can you confirm if we will only receive NYSE: ONL shares on the 15?

Thank you.

Hey @Rygel :wave:

We are still awaiting more details regarding the event from our intermediary IB. Still, as soon as we have more information we’ll make sure to update you timely and reflect the event accordingly.



Sorry I’m new to this. I have shares of Realty Income now I also have shares in something called Orion.

How does this work?

If someone me could clarify clear as possible.


Also how does it work, so if I buy more shares in Realty income, automatically I get some shares in Orion as well?

Realty Income decided to merge with VEREIT and split off the office real estate of the combined company. This is done by publicly listing this new entity holding the office real estate. Such a process is called a spin-off.

The spin-off is called Orion Office REIT and is given to all Realty Income holders who held the stock before November 2nd.

Ok thanks.

So is it linked with Realty Income or do I have to put money into Orion as well?

If you get what I mean?

For every 10 Realty Income shares held before November 2nd you received 1 share of Orion, they’re two entirely separate companies now. You can sell or buy whichever you want.

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Hey, :wave:

The Orion Office REIT, Inc. shares have been allocated to eligible shareholders, as per the terms of the corporate event.


Received and sold ,thank you

I got shares Orion Office (ONL) yesterday. However nothing is shown in history. For what price where they added?

The entry price is 0. According to the android app.

Indeed the history is blank and affecting tax reporting in the case of a sale.
There is already an improvement request in this topic.

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Oh what a shame…

Mines looking ok :ok_hand:

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It seams to be paid as a special dividend:

The Orion Office spin-off is to be distributed by a special dividend to all Realty Income shareholders, which was expected to occur several days ago, on the 12th of November.