Receipt after selling - fill price?

what does does the fill price mean ? i made a green return ,but is there a charge thats not showing ? i just wondered as i worked out my free funds placed over last 2 weeks to discover im missing £60 ? are the costs at buying all clear and selling . obviously i have inc stamp duty prices and exchange rate cost. … ;0/ will re calculate again to make sure. chears steve

Fill price is the price that was managed to buy or sell at.
Sometimes this is slightly above or below what is shown on the charts, just due to the T212 trying to get the best price.
Fill price shows you what you actually paid for it.

Sorry that s terrible grammar -i think this keyboard needs replacement. so the price paid per share is inclusive of said fill price or group of shares bought? im just concerned that any small gains im making might be in fact quite large loss on refection of the fill price . result in green digits indicates the actual gain ?

Yes, Steve.
The price you see in green is the profit you made. If red, is the loss incurred.
Just bare in mind though, this does not show stamp duty. So you have to keep Stamp duty in mind when selling and kind of add it on top.

I sometimes just do a dummy order for the same amount I want to buy, check how much stamp it is, and then keep this in mind when selling to ensure im covering my stamp cost.
The same applies for any other fee incurred on buying, not just stamp.

Likewise, exchange rates can affect the whole lot too.

Thanks yes ive done the dummy run to check the stamp duty on quite a few. very very quite this morning ! i noticed i have received a notification ( new watch list type ) where is the new list ? is it inside the search function . today i checked HL heat map showing WWP as a market winner so i have added them to my daily updated watch list , also i have followed your advice and added a lower limit alarm trigger on some of the instruments. all ETF s seem very quite today . but these are defo long holdings for probably years. … i know the market is suddenly going to start to change , so this is probably the time to buy, its picking the big names so many , fres persi shell bp. guess its a research thing. the buy and sell gignals i see advertised , can these be beneficial as short buys… ? do they work? looking at tools trade site. thanks again for your patience .