Result amount question

Hi - can anyone enlighten me - I sold 0.25 of Tesla at a fill price of $734.78 and the exchange rate of 1.25913 - it then says on my history in green text that the result was +£56.53 and a total of £145.88
Apologies i’m a newbie but did i make £145.88 or £58.53?! (presume its the £145.88 but can’t seem to work it out why it says +£58.53

Green + is profit calculated via Sell price - Position Average price = result.

So you profited 56.63 GBP , 145.88 GBP is total sale value.

Thank you Vedran - much appreciated, as time goes on hopefully there will be more naughts on the end but just learning the ropes to start with! I had a feeling that was the case but had a nasty thought there was a lot of commission being taken :joy:

There is no commission to pay. Only “2nd” factor is the Currency conversion rate(no fee for conversion, rate can be seen live in CFD platform under FX), which differs when buying/selling. So given stock can go 10%+ but due to FX which can go +/- your final result might be more/less then 10% :wink: