Reduction in T212 quantities

This makes more sense to me now.

So basically what 212 are implying is that it’s neither your risk as the holder nor theirs. This is an additional counterparty risk they’re trying to protect people from, they’re trying to protect you from the irrational behaviour of other holders of the stock and the consequences of their actions.

For example: should 5 people hold a huge amount of a penny stock on 212. 3 of them decide to sell in one day. The regulator spots that Trading 212 has dumped a large part of a small company stock, this triggers an investigation into the sales (the dump if you will) and a lockdown on trading for the stock.

Whilst this is going on members 4 & 5 who are still holding are completely locked out of buying an selling - potentially for 30+ days whilst the regulator completes their appraisal.


So basically we can only hope as market conditions improve and - 5 big holders become 10 or 20 let’s say- then the quantity of shares one can own will be increased.

But isn’t a recession/bear market exactly the time to invest? This restriction really limits one’s ability. Other brokers eg. ii do not have that limitation. So basically my only way to work around that is to sign up at competitor and buy more shares?


Whilst this is true, let’s not pretend there’s limits on everything. The vast majority of the listing restrictions are on OTC stocks, secondary listings, ADRs and so on. In a bear market you should focus on getting quality at a fair price, not the crap stuff that’s cheap for a reason.

Hey I like my stock choices and I also like to learn my lessons the hard way!

But yeah overall I agree with you fistbump


Has the list been completely updated? It only contains stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange now, so companies like Tesla, Apple and other large cap companies are no longer on there anymore. Also the max position size in $ for some stocks has increased to $5m.

So was all the worry, concern and disapointment due to an incorrect list being sent out?


Yes, I noticed this the other day. Some of the mega caps are gone.

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Could you please as soon as you can increase the limit on the max quantity of shares one can own of KEFI GOLD AND COPPER PLC (ticker KEFI)

Hey, @JustLookingThx. We ran it past the team but won’t be increasing the limit for the time being.

Has the list been completely updated?

Yes, they are subject to change, @Unbuyable.


As these are now only UK listings can we have the max order and position size in GBP rather than USD especially as there doesn’t appear to be any indication of the ROE.

I would also echo the request to increase the limits on Kefi

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Is the list supposed to represent the instruments that have restrictions?

I’ve noticed that an instrument I own was on the list, but no longer is but I cannot buy more shares and get the same message as before. “The maximum remaining quantity for long positions…”

Can someone on Team Trading 212 please confirm? Thanks.


The list seems to have disappeared and been replaced with a new screen that shows the max order amount but does not show the restriction on holding amount. Could you provide a link to the full list as I used to download this and use it to link to my holdings, searching through individually only to find it does not give all the info needed is a pain!

Hey Michael,

Can we increase quantity for ZENV. Its avg. trading volume is around 175k with recently over 500k in volume and I cant buy more shares… because max quantity is 0…

Thank you

Ps. Definately not happy with the new changes, its totally understandable you have to manage risk but restricting the actions of your customers is not the way to go…

@drknmstr, we’ve increased the maximum quantities for Zenvia (ZENV). The maximum order quantity is now 2000 shares, while the maximum position size is 10 000 shares.


@Team212 @Bogi.H Can you please clarify?

The list in our Help Centre has been removed, and you can find the latest information here, @onetimeengineer. Also, you can check each instrument’s specifics from within the app.

Thanks Michael, appreciated! However, that page doesn’t tell me the maximum allowed position size. Am I expected to work that out myself?

I’ve looked in the app (and reinstalled it), but the maximum allowed position size isn’t displayed anywhere.

P.S. I am not an advocate of this new risk management policy as no other broker does this.


The maximum allowed position size is now visible on the page, @onetimeengineer :pray:

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Thank you for sorting that out.

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Could you provide a downloadable version as i have quite a number of stocks and don’t have time to keep checking them individually, thanks

That’s not a great idea on a list that is being constantly updated.

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It could be that he’s looking to automate the download, it’s simple enough to do if you know how to do it even without the download and you scrape the page.

EDIT: Of course I’m assuming that Trading 212 automate the generation of the data.