Reduction in T212 quantities

Too much control. Looking after their own best interests as per usual.

Um @David @B.E @Bogi.H why has KEFI been set so incredibly low?

Please can these be updated to sensible limits.

Liquidity is decent on it and is on the verge of the project kicking off potentially in October.

Understand you need to protect your business but by being overly aggressive with the limits will drive customers to competition.


@Team212 Agreed with Phil above, KEFI limit is incredibly low and prevents me from lowering my average…

We have increased the maximum quantities, @phildawson & @Wise_Investor. The maximum order quantity is now 200,000 shares, while the maximum position size is 1,000,000 shares. :pray:


Thank you but that is still less than my current position. Could you increase the limit to 2000000, that would be enough for me for now…


Completely agree. The limits are just terrible given the potential liquidity in this stock and the fact that many of us are in positions far exceeding the limit. Many of us are looking to continue to build sizeable positions. Furthermore, introducing limits without notice represents an Unfair practice under consumer protection law and is a serious offence which the Competition and Markets Authority would investigate. You have materially changef the terms of the contract without due notification, coupled with no ability to transfer positions out of T212 has made them materially unfair as they affect investment strategies and therefore considered an Unfair practice under the Consumer Protection Act.

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I do hate it when people quote unrelated law.

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So do I. Having had experience of several CMA investigations into unfair practices, I’m coming from a position of experience.

Oh good. Lawyer up then.

Real value add. Well done :+1:

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What value is there to add? You think you have a case, I think it’s funny that you think you have a case. You insist you do having browsed Reddit and I’m saying you should act then.

You don’t want to act, because you have no clue if you’re quoting relevant law or not.

In saying go find out.


74k posts read in 2 years…ok that explains it. Lol


Yeah. Seen a lot of your type.

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I mean there was notice, and the consumer’s agreement does mention T212’s ability to restrict certain positions for a while now.

Your whole statement here seems to lack foundation :thinking:

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Appreciated the quick response and change.

Out of curiosity what would the risk management team consider significant liquidity and volume to consider raising it further? I asked via chat and wasn’t given anything useful, other than pointing to the current stats on the instrument.

Is it just a case in asking each month for a review? Or is it automatically picked up?

Regarding penny stocks these AIM instruments shouldn’t get tarnished by the US penny stocks where a couple of years ago we got those harsh pump/dump Reddit chaos.

KEFI is low risk in comparison, once we see de-risking I would expect to see similar price action to GGP where vol significantly increases


I didn’t get any notice

E-mails were sent the 5th of August, 14 days prior to the restrictions taking place.

This topic you are posting on has been created two weeks prior, with intervention and explanation from the team.

And once again, the customer’s agreement has explicit provision for T212’s discretion in restricting certain instruments.

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Well my lawyer will have something to say about this!

I’m also entitled to a refund from the consumer credit act and I shouldn’t be restricted because I’m in the Schengen region!

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Can we have an increase in the following:
Biome Technologies

Also does anyone know what i can do so i can see the full name of stocks on my watch list? I have a few items on my watchlist (leveraged shares eg.) and i cant see what they are because the text doesnt fit!

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