Reinvesting Profits from One Trade into Another

So basically on the ISA account, if I have invested £4K, but £0.5K are in a particular company who has done very well and is now worth 2.5k. If I close this position my account is worth 6k (4k initial, 2k gains) assuming 0 gains on the remaining 3.5k

If i was to reinvest the 2k, would the “Invested” number change? technically I did not deposit more than 4k into my account, so why are profits that are being reinvested bringing up my invested amount?

the graph currently tracks the amount you spent opening your position and shows the returns against this. the graph is ideal for those who only buy and hold over the longterm and never, if rarely sell.

suggestions have already been made to allow for an alternate graph that tracks the returns against deposits instead and the ability to toggle between them. currently seems to be a work in progress with no deadline.

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Think this is capital gains

In a very short answer, yes it does change your invested amount as you are “taking” profits from your original investment.

If you then reinvest the full amount (initial investment + profit), this will change your invested amount.


yeah thats fine but the amount i invested into my account never changed

It did because you withdrew the profit to your cash account, when you reinvest it it becomes initial investment plus profits reinvested