Write "what's new" with every new app release

The what’s new text in Play Store (I don’t know about AppStore but I believe it’s the same) is always a generic message.

Why not inform us what was new in a release? It would be nice if we knew about notable new features or improvements.

For example, recently the option to view the KIID of an ETF was added, but this functionality is not mentioned anywhere. Since you spend a lot of time developing the features, I believe it wouldn’t take much more time to write one or two sentences about them.

Of course I understand this is not possible for all releases and that’s fine.


I’ve always thought this with the beta.

We never got told what exactly it is we’re beta-ring


This has my vote for word of the year. Depending on how quickly you say it, and depending on your accent, you can get some pretty good interpretations.

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I was about to write a post for this. I just noticed the KIID section for ETFs too, which is pretty helpful.

Funny thing is that a descriptive title exists in TestFlight for the beta versions (for significant changes).