Restricted by ESMA

I’m new into trading and investing and i had on 212 app an professional account starting at 100€ and made back like 102€ &(±) profit with an account value of 150-160€(±) and -49€ blocked on some opening positions. I switched to Retail account and my account was blocked for insufficient balance with a minus of 260€. I searched a bit and found out that ESMA changed the 1:500 leverage into 1:30 on retail account. My questions are that until 2 years ago the leverage was like the professional account 1:500 or it was higher than 500 or lower and changed from 500 to 30 directly? (if this so i find it harsh).
Now if i want to trade i will need a higher amount of money to barely make something in return. If i will keep trading with 1:30 and the lower amount i’m doing now i’m just counting pennies not dollars…How are your views guys on this and it can be changed in the future, are you still making some money even if you don’t have thousands of money into account?
I’m sorry if this is a silly question but i need some informations or explaining in a easier way what is this all about, thank you !

regulations are put in place to protect people from themselves.

1:500 does make it easier to trade with smaller amounts of money however it is just as easy to lose it all too. the 1:30 limit restriction still allows for good profits if you can front a specific working balance, it also reduces the speed at which you make losses.

It’s not something that is going to change anytime soon.