Revolution Bars - thoughts?

I’d maybe hold off til the end of the month.

Sounds like they’ll be issuing more shares, which will likely make the price drop a bit.

Unless I’ve read that page wrong but they’re on the market so it’s not an IPO.

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I’m a fool I couldn’t wait. Even though I had a price set in mind :woman_facepalming:t2: I’ll have to top it up when/if it drops. Which no doubt it will. I’m guessing to around 20p. Maybe more?!

I’m hoping the damage done may eventually disperse. Perhaps not the next week but the next few months and things start to wake up again…

I think I’ll take some more lows for what I hope eventually will be a high…we’ll see…

You may have time. That website might need updating. Even still it ain’t til the end of the month.

Might be able to ride some gains before the issue takes effect.

Hi @CeeGee, I just thought I’d mention that no one really knows what will happen with the stock market.

For instance, I guess the stock market may have a very large dip (maybe not so much as a crash) once the Covid19 related impacts become obvious.

Just mentioning because sometimes you seem too bullish buying everything. I’d recommend that even if you are bullish and invest loads at current prices, try to leave some free cas (lets say at least 10%) just in case the stock market dips (or crashes). I may be completely wrong, in which case your % invested will do well, but if I am right (as well as others that expect a dip) then at least you’d have money to invest at a cheap price.

You never know, if it ends up quite badly even some strong companies may take decades to recover. For example, Cisco in the USA has not reached its maximum prices from the dot-com bubble and many of the companies in the Ibex35 in Spain have yet to reach their peaks from the 2008 issues. Also, some of the banks in the UK, I believe Lloyds is an example, have the same situation.

So yes, I am about half liquid now (50% in either cash of gold). But even if you believe that the market will not stop going up, I seriously think it would be good to keep some money back, just in case. I don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen.

P.S. Obviously I am not an expert, this is my personal opinion and please don’t just act on what I say, have a read of what the experts say or any professionals you know.


Don’t know when you bought but on the 27th of July 2020 existing shareholders can buy 3 shares at 20p each for every five they own.

Looks like it got absolutely punished at the last earnings for period ending Dec 2019. Showing also a recent 57/50 split last month.

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Yeah the IPO or Initial Public Offering happened when it went public back in March 2015. Has done rather poor in five years.

~200p start and the 52-wk low showing it hit 13p after that earnings report.

Ouch. :grimacing:

had originally said it would price shares between 200 to 240 pence when it first unveiled intentions to float in February.


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You’re definitely right I am very bullish and need to realise I’m still super new to this. I do put myself in check though :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t have a very large (money wise) portfolio just yet and do mainly hold ETF’s.
Even though I could be putting money towards the dips (current/future) I really wanted to build a ETF portfolio regardless of COVID-19 so have spent ages building up one I “think“ works. For now and hopefully for the future. That was my main plan.

I do hold a few stocks that granted I shouldn’t have bought yet, was a bit naive and don’t want to hold them so much now which has in turn taught me quite a lot. To only put my hard earned cash towards things I’ve researched and also believe in.
I find it frustrating holding stock I feel nothing for (if that makes sense?) I haven’t enjoyed that feeling at all. The ones I do believe will recover and I genuinely believe in I don’t mind seeing red.

I have free cash built up from some sold stocks and I’ve grown to understand I can just leave it, it doesn’t need to be used instantly. Again another learning curve :slightly_smiling_face:

Thankyou - another dip like March would be good and I‘ve definitely taken your advice on board. Makes total sense otherwise I’ll be left with no cash to get involved. That would suck!

Thank you for your advice :hugs:

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Anyone else got stocks in revolution bars? Showing 17p per share but live it’s showing 15.90p per share?

Yep I do. Not many although I am 45% down at present so I’m stuck with them for the foreseeable future.

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I’m down around 25% too. I knew going into it it would be a long hold so I don’t expect more at the moment.

Nothing has happened with them since the 5th though, no chart movement at all (team said that’s normal though)

Didn’t they issue a new share offering recently?

I did see that somewhere yes, think it was at 21p per share?
Few months back I read that on here. Before I bought shares with them or around the time I was looking.
Can’t for the life think what thread it was on now.

Stocks not moved since the 5th as the team hasn’t received a new BUY price this week.

Ahem… … … … … … look up. :point_up:t4: :smile:

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Can’t even do a facepalm gif right! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Double doh!!!

If you want to own anything in the UK then go for Ftse 100, 250 or both. Stay clear from any individual company… End of Furlough and Brexit are around the corner. Could be a disaster regardless of the stock price…

I have shares in FTSE 100 and 250.

Each investor has a different tolerance to individual UK stock, I only hold a couple but I’m mentally prepared for a second wave and another drop in them. If does that happens, I’m not worried but if it doesn’t happen then I’ll continue the long hold :blush:

edit - I’ll continue the long hold regardless of the outcome

Revolution chart is on Thursday. There’s been 19 buy/ask movements today.

Does anyone know why the chart hasn’t moved? Thanks :slight_smile:

It is normal the chart still hasn’t moved even though I can see on LSE stock has been bought/sold?

Well I guess a large loss (65%) is better than a total loss. All the internal selling over the last week should have been a flag too but oh well.

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I’m so stubborn when a stock I have is down but this time I may have to take the hit!! I can’t see this getting any better for them. It’s a bad read.