Revolution Bars - thoughts?

Well I guess a large loss (65%) is better than a total loss. All the internal selling over the last week should have been a flag too but oh well.

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I’m so stubborn when a stock I have is down but this time I may have to take the hit!! I can’t see this getting any better for them. It’s a bad read.

Having issues with selling AIM stock - I can see on LSE (photo attached) there’s buy/ask movement so even though liquidity is low there’s still movement. Right?

My pending sell has been on place for around 30/40 mins now.

I popped on chat to find out any info (knowing full well it’s an AIM stock so sells aren’t always instant) but I was just told again it’s due to liquidity…even though I can see movement I’m not able to sell? There’s buyers so why can’t I sell?

I was also told it can take up to a few days :worried:

I’m not the most knowledgable but something doesn’t feel right?

Anyone help?

@phildawson I feel like your the one who maybe could help here. It’s the old AIM debacle :see_no_evil: could you possibly (if you don’t mind…please) read my above message and see if I’m missing something when it comes to selling my shares in Revolution Bars?

I did live chat but left feeling more confused.

Is it pending as in you are seeing the spinning cog?

If so PM @David, he has something he wants to try on a stuck pending order

Well it’s been an unexpected month with this stock! 99.66% up?! :eyes:

Yup, 110% here at closing today.

Not complaining but very unexpected…

I jumped ship. Every day is a school day !

I nearly jumped ship but the shares were taking that long to sell I cancelled them.
I didn’t average down as much as I could have though.
Damn hindsight :persevere::rofl: