Who Bought Roblox or Coupang? what your entry price?

I bought Roblox at 68 and am waiting for Coupang to come down a bit, Whats your thoughts on these stocks. Am I alone!

The company said it had priced 130 million shares at $35 apiece, raising $4.55 billion and valuing the company around $60 billion. That makes Coupang the largest IPO in the U.S. this year and one of the top 25 biggest listings of all time stateside, by deal size.

The price is also above the company’s most recent expected range of between $32 and $34 a share. the valuation and IPO price likely rose because Coupang is the only e-commerce company in South Korea that showed a sizeable gain in market share last year. He said its market size rose from 18.1% in 2019 to about 24.6% last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Roblox: well, I guess this does need any explanation.

This is how I feel about the current SP, about 30 billion higher than its own valuation.

I hope it tanks back to $35


It unbelievable the valuations these days lol :sweat:

Roblox is on my radar but that initial price was too high for me. I am going to what for a pullback after the hype dies done. Should a pullback occur of course !

Am I the only one here that hasn’t heard of Coupang? Should I know who they are?

Roblox I have invested in

I tried to jump on roblox at $65 but couldn’t get the order through like many others. I was going to drop it soon after the initial push up. But missed the party :confused:

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@Scott :eyes:


Roblox priced themselves out the market for me.

Coupang wasn’t as bad… well it was, but the market knew what they were up to and they opened immediately overvalued so down they came and rightfully so. I’ve bought some at an average of $54, but like you, I’ll take another tranche once the price pulls back some more.

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I’ll average down on Roblox overtime didn’t put all my spare funds in, agree it’s over priced but it’s a long term play for me.

Coupang I will read more up on after reading your link thanks, I see it’s down to $47 just

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