Rolls Royce Rights Issue

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If I don’t want to buy any more shares but want to keep what I have, do I select the second option on the PAL form

I’m not sure what that is as I’ve now completed the form.

However, in the original notification Trading212 said they will sell your rights to additional shares if you don’t take them up.

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Thanks for the above comments. I have already clicked on the link provided by the notification to subscribe to the rights. Now, do I have to place the order manually or it will be placed automatically after I have clicked the link?


Hello @ramontebar,

Once you have successfully subscribed to the rights issue and the funds have been locked away from your account, all that you have to do is wait for the listing of the new shares on the exchange, shortly after which, they will be distributed to your account (new shares should commence trading on the 12th of November).

Thanks @PeterA for the confirmation!

I’m gonna accept the rights issue today, having inherited by dads shares. find it funny how back in the 80s and 90s you could become shareholders in big companies quite easily now you can only invest in said companies through a broker unless you are an employee of said company.

What do we think will happen to the share price after the rights have been issued?

Hi everybody, I have a silly question I know, but why the price chart of RR is different between Google and Trading 212?

So, there is a ratio of about 2.91 between Trading 212 price and Google price until 23.10.2020. Then, from 26.10./2020 onwards, the 2 prices match again.

If there has been a stock split 3:1 why didn’t Trading 212 update its chart as Google did? Otherwise, it may be misleading for investors. It seems like there was a big drop on the market value of RR on the 26.10.2020 when probably it wasn’t the case at all.

Please see images below. Thank you.

Apologies if anyone answered, but after 12th what will be the price of the shares we got for this right issue? Will it be the price of the market on 12th?

I would like to know the same, RR is rallying again today so it would be good to know what is going to happen.

I was hoping my new shares would have appeared this morning in my account but maybe it is like IPOs where it can happen at anytime during the day, just when the new shares start trading?


Same, I expected them to appear on my account as Rolls-Royce told in a press statement that new stocks start trading 8:00 GMT, 12 November. Obviously, it did not happen in my case so I wonder where is my investment.

I had the same question

i think you are right they will appear at some point throught the day it seems that patiences is seldom found in people never found in traders :slight_smile:


Guys… You’re the best!

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