S&P 500 by weight

If anyone has more up to date data. Please reply. This is 2018 so tesla is not here.
But it still applies today.



Also interesting to see what’s bringing the performance YTD: YTD Return of Companies in the S&P 500

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it’s the case of the 5 stock portfolio being historically unbeatable :joy:


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@Dao reached my limit on it.
Can’t read it…

Open a ‘private tab’ in your browser via the settings. Copy and paste the link into the address bar. That’ll bypass the reading limit.

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It doesn’t work as it uses the IP address and not cookies. One way is to stop loading the page before the whole page is loaded. You’ll get the article and won’t load the Javascript to stop you reading.

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It worked for me! I was blocked and it opened fine in a private browser.

I don’t know why, but it doesn’t to me

hmm. I only have a free account and never hit the limit, sorry about that.