Sale on beautiful people? Buy?

What do you all think of today? too early to dip in?

My two pence worth…
Depends really on the stock and Market. For UK stocks LSE, then maybe a good time to dip in slightly and save some powder for later this week or month.

The US market still has rate hikes to come, so no go for me yet.

I’ve added to some LSE stocks this morning.


Cheers, couple of unilever for me this morning and already down a few pennies :wink:

A sale on beautiful people? Where?

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Sale on, beautiful people?


I’ve really been super strict and not been buying anything for the last few months, but the current prices have been too good an opportunity to miss so have certainly been buying the dips, most of the market is on sale! Now is the time to add or build your portfolios to reap the rewards later…

I’m abit annoyed with myself for missing the oil jump though!! Doh!!

Add and hold, don’t fold, or else you’ll work until your old!


Exactly, very well said Gavin