Sale price ***BABA / Alibaba***

Agreed, its a very good move for China and the Chinese population, the risk for China is a severa crash akin to 08 or something, and when you see the Evergrande situation you can see what could start it so I think the govt are making the right moves for long term stability.

As a shareholder its bad short-term for the stock price, however I think at current levels Ant Financial stake Alibaba owns is essentially priced at $0 so the fact it will work with govt more closely and have joint ventures will be good for Ant and Alibaba long term, for one it means Ant will get favourable govt treatment in future compared to a up and coming rival that govt have no interest/control in.

Are people still averaging down?

Yes I am still averaging down. Will buy some more next pay day.


Only if someone does it for me. It’s already held in some of my funds so don’t top this one up personally, although interesting to watch :upside_down_face:

Whether it’s the start of a general correction I’m not sure. People have been saying that for years that were due one :rofl:

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Imo it all depends on the outlook and view of Chinese gov. and its relationship to big tech (what a surprise I know -.-)

Anyway contrary to widespread believe I think a strong involvement of Chinese regulators/gov. could very well be seen as an advantage mid to longterm.


Reigning in bigtech is overdue lets be honest, China could be just ahead of the curve so to speak

If you argue upside is limited due to gov. regulation you could as easily argue gov. involvement can be protection against future headwinds as well. If Chinese Big tech play ball they can count on strong ally (i.e. Chinese gov) in the future

If you believe world is heading towards less gov.regulation then China is clearly moving against mainstream and current valuations seem to some extent justified.

Exciting times ahead that’s for sure

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My average is mid 200 … the pain is real. :sweat_smile:


If someone told me this chart belongs to Alibaba I would not have believed him

Terrible market today :white_flag:


I was waiting to see if it would drop below $150 and it did.

I think it will continue dropping for the remainder of the year, possibly even down to $100.

Worth keeping a close eye on this one.