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Beautiful chart show since recently keep climbing, nice big green volume
LEG-UP, CONSOLIDATION, LEG-UP, CONSOLIDATION, LEG-UP, CONSOLIDATION on daily basis please keep continuing this movement…
And this has happened in the middle of the storm where many high growth stocks price are falling


China critic Sen. Tommy Tuberville once again bought Alibaba stock and options Jan 12 20227:11 PM ESTUpdated 4 Hours Ago Dan Mangan.

He bought it last month but this news just came out about four hours ago to public. They will need to announce it due to regulatory rewuirement.

If a US legislator, a staunch critic of China and companies, yet again bought stock and options in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba last month. Draw your conclusion

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If he’s in I’m in.

I missed the lowest dips due to payday falling at the wrong time but I’m sitting at a respectable $178.48 average price for now.


You will soon see your BABA turn green, I believe …

I think I will. Pay day is in 10 days and I will be buying more and hopefully averaging down further.

The never ending sad SAGA, problem after Problem. I believe this news cause BABA to drop yesterday and a little bit today after more than a week rally.
“Exclusive: U.S. examining Alibaba’s cloud unit for national security risks – sources By Alexandra Alper

I believe, there will be the end of the tunnel. BABA cloud unit is very small, so many believe they will get clearance soon.

Buy buy buy this is all white noise

At these prices its worth a punt


Pretty sure I read somewhere Alibaba US cloud rev is $50 million haha. With Alibaba at this prices its odd it moves on such news as its undervalued based purely on its Chinese operations.

And another cut in interest rates, down to 3.70%:

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Care to share your analysis on this / volatility of income streams / market domination?

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I don’t have a huge perfect breakdown to share, I am going on the assumption people agree the company is undervalued at current prices based on the numbers not geopolitical/govt issues. Then the fact that majority of its revenue and income is derived from Non US, and largely Chinese streams that the US should not be such a worrying factor for so many people.

A couple of charts to illustrate:

In regards to the US cloud FUD, US is like $50million its reported, and bear in mind in a recent quarter Alibaba cloud did about $3.1billion in revenue.

What I am saying is basically, Alibaba is a successful company and it doesnt need US consumers, it would be a bonus sure, but China economy is soon to overtake the US and in the same way US wont let Alibaba, Huawei etc do their infrastructure and cloud, China wont let MSFT/Amazon.

The problem with China though is the communists like controls so have been using the guise of fair ‘competition’ to break up or interfere with companies they see as too successful following other cultures.

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I know what you mean Dougal but I personally think th Chinese have got it right, the FAANGs are too big and just have monopoly over the market. Capitalism or socialism it’s either monopoly of the state or monopoly of the conglomerate.

Yeah, it’s tricky to look at China through the Western lens …

This is what I mean, if you don’t agree with the politics, or are worried then I would say do not invest in China. But I don’t agree with lots of the US and I still invest there. UK govt propped up the UK jobs with furlough, a very socialist or communist move some would argue, a ‘fair market’ would have let those business fail surely. Very complex and I dont know the answers, I just know I want US and China exposure.


I have no US, in my opinion market is overvalued and Biden is weak. Will look at buying some when market drops, as I would like US exposure.

Tbf some euro zone are good value.


Oh wow! Fair play, would love to know your holdings/country weightings? I still have about 40% US, with rest split fairly equally between UK and China.

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Tbh I’ve got all LSE stocks apart from BABA but I wouldn’t class RDSB or GSK as a British stock, especially when they trade in $. But you would be right to critique I probably should diversify more.

Other than the big MNCs I have a mixed bag of domestic, small,medium and large cap some of which are AIM listed.

I try to hold no more than 10% of my portfolio in one stock and about 25% in low beta stocks or funds for stability.

I’ve recently been buying Boohoo, Card, Baba

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