Save drawings on chart

Hi everyone,
new here.

How do you save drawings on the charts? Can’t believe it doesn’t do it automatically.
Also, by the way, can I change the default chart template? Don’t like it.


Do you mean in the browser or in the mobile app?

Hi Chantal,

In the browser!! Thanks,

@Gaston that is quite easy. You can create your own template. Changes can be saved when hovering over the template name and clicking on the icon (then select Yes or No)

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-08 om 11.45.57

When you click the lock in front of your template name, this will be default for all new charts.

Oh that’s great about the templates, thanks.

Do you know how do I save the trendlines that I draw on my charts?

Like support/resistance lines? Don’t know. Aren’t those saved automatically?

They are saved as long as you keep the instrument tab open.

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Thanks for your reply.
That’s not very useful though. Am I the only one complaining about that? It should save them automatically. Is there a plan to update it anytime soon?

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I agree with you. We have already planned to address this in an upcoming release.


Would be great, thanks George!

I can only leave 9 tabs open. so all my drawings are gone if i close one of them. How can i save the drawings? did you adress this in April? Is it possible now?