Save drawing on chart after closing it


I would like to know if it’s possible to save a drawing on chart after closing it. Also, if it’s possible to change the default graph after opening it (it’s generally a line graph).

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Check out my answer on this thread, it should help somewhat. Saving Chart layouts

And no, if you DRAW on the charts and then close the window, it will be lost forever. Another trader posted about this recently and a member of staff replied to say they are looking to do something about that but as of now you’ll need to keep the window tab open or redo your drawings each time you open up the chart (sucks I know)

Thank you Rocky for your answer.

Yeah I did different template for technical analysis. When I close the window I just have to click to reintroduce the template, annoying but okay. For the drawing it’s more annoying.


No problem.

On a side note I’ve somehow managed to get my charts opening with one of my templates by default, I don’t know how or how to undo it but everytime I open a new chart one of my templates load on it so it is possible to change your default but I’m afraid I’m not sure how but perhaps someone who deos will let us know.

I didn’t suceed to do this. If someone know, let us know.

I found a video that explain it at 3 min 50s to 4 min 20s

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Super, thank you very much (so simple too).

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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