Sberbank Stock Request

Cloud you please add the following stocks for ISA and Investment platforms, please?

LSE: Sberbank Of Russia (SBNCyq)
OTC: Sberbank Of Russia (SBRCY)
Xetra: Sberbank Of Russia (SBNC)


I don’t believe these comply with ISA requirements so will be a no.

There’s a guide on what stocks can be held in an IsA on the HMRC website.

In short - the primary listing of a security has to be listed on a recognised stock exchange:

I think you may be right regarding the ISA. However, I think it is possible trade it in the investment account in the worst case scenario, no?



Get LON:SBER added as liquidity is good and seems better than the other two listings by the looks.

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It’s been asked for many times on numerous exchanges - T212 don’t appear tio have access to it.


Good point. Using the link on this help thread, Interactive Brokers doesn’t have it for whatever reason.

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It’s a shame as this would have a been a pretty good one as it’s biggest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe.

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Surely this can be added now as IBKR does have the SBER London listing. Of course trading stopped for now but it is on IBKR.

Can anyone from T212 confirm?


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@Hbomb the ISA requirements have not changed. It can’t be added to ISA as above.

@Dougal1984 What I mean is its not on T212 Invest either, which ISA rules are irrelevant, as I cant find it anywhere on T212 invest account.

Also for ISA I had assumed was same as SIPP requirements and I have had it confirm by broker its fine for SIPPs.

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Since the stock is available through IB we can add it to the platform, once it’s tradeable again :v:

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Cheers @B.E Thanks for letting me know.

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