SELL STOP - Market

Hi, I have 500 shares of a stock in my ISA invest account
current price 945.2
sell price 943.9

when I set the stop order, the price shown above is 943.9
But shouldn’t it be 945.2 that is the stop order trigger point?

So if I set a stop order now for 945.0, it should execute a market when current price go below 945.0, say 944.9, and sell for something like 943.7?

Basically my question is then:
What is the STOP order price referring to, current price or sell price?
If it is the current price, why is sell price shown at top of STOP sell screen?


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Stop price refers to the sell price.

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That odd, just tried to set a STOP for the sell price, and it didn’t work
The price was 943
sell price was 942
i placed stop @ 941.8

and the sell price went 941.5 without selling/changing it to market order.

still ISA invest account.

EDIT: It worked when i replaced it withsomething more drastic, 0.5, rather than a 0.2 difference below the sell price.