VanEck Semiconductors (SMGB)

Now that this is live on T212, need a place to discuss it :smiley:

I have opened a small position now, it interests me because I am bullish on semis but when I have analysed the companies its really a bit outside my wheelhouse to pick a single winner, only one I know better and own already is Nvidia, but been considering Taiwan Semis and AMD for a while so this makes that easier, however I sold intel a while back so not sure how I feel about that haha. Now to work out how much % of my portfolio I feel suitable longer term for this, more reading needed I feel!


I’m not a fan of this type of thematic ETF. I’ve held some similar ones in the past and it made it nigh on impossible to keep track of allocations to different industries, sectors and geographies, which I like to have fine-grained control over.

In the end, I’d rather stick with NVDA and ASML as part of a 30-stock portfolio than complicate things by adding costs and another 25 stocks. That said, the expense ratio’s not bad at 0.35% and it contains just about every semiconductor name that could be worth owning.

FYI this is fractional now for anyone, so can be used in a pie and more easily dollar cost averaging in.

Yeah I agree often on things where choose 1-3 stocks of that industry that you think are the best. However for both Semis and Gaming (ESPO) I have opted for ETFs as after looking into a fair few of the companies I just found actualy I like quite a few and also I dont know this industry as well as others. I hold NVDA individually anyway but wont be adding as much to it as its now covered by both SMGB and ESPO. I feel like this is a great industry moving forward to for now happy to hold this ETF to get some exposure.


Due to the dip, I’m thinking to start a position in the ETF. As @topher said, I’m not a fan of thematic ETFs as well, but this one might just be different. As you’ve stated, I too think that semis are the core of what future brings. And I have to say I was surprised about the low TER of 0,35%.

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May actually be not a bad idea