Senvion stock what happened?

Seems like senvion been delisted…I can’t find anything about it on the news, anyone can help me find out ?

Looks like sp dropped below 0.05€ and got delisted

Not sure which company exactly you are talking about but I found this

Maybe just a rebranding last year

There seems to be a Senvion India too

I am confused myself :smiley:

Do you have the ISIN or security Ticker?

My Germans not great but sounds like the wind up of Senvion SA has come to an end. Good parts of the business were sold off to other companies as part of this insolvency process, and what’s left of the company has now been wound up as worthless, so these shares are effectively worthless.

Such is the life of an investor…
Investor puts up all the money and takes all the risks
Management destroys the investors money
Investor is out of pocket and the management submits their CV for another investors money.
The whole cycle begins all over again…


Did Senvion owners not get any proceeds from the sale to Siemens?

That depends but if a company undergoes insolvency, i would imagine the owners would be the last of the pecking order after a very long list of stakeholders have been compensated.

I don’t own the stock so cant confirm if any unlikely proceeds where paid out.

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I’m aware of how insolvency works in the eyes of a shareholder. My query relates to whether Senvion as a whole was insolvent before or after Siemens part purchase.

And market manipulators are trying to scare us with Chinese stocks like NIO.

Did senvion not get abig deal with Denmark

I had Senvion in my portfolio and lost all my investment. T212 saying that they will come with more details but already some months passed. Any admin that can help here?!


We currently have no additional information available. If we receive any, we will let you know.

Any news on this yet? It’s been same as for some time now.

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I guess it’ll stay in my portfolio forever lol

Is there any news with Senvion, what can I do with my shares?

We haven’t received any further updates from our intermediary on the matter, @ivannparra. Still, you can be certain that we’re keeping a close eye on the situation, and as soon as there are any developments - I’ll update the thread right away.

Any updates on the Senvion stock yet?
At this point I’d just like it off my portfolio!

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I’m afraid there are still no updates, @DLongworth, but I’ll let you know once there’s any news.

Quick update - Senvion SA has been delisted as worthless. Respectively, we closed all open positions at 0 EUR per share.