If a Company Sell’s to Another Company Does the Stock Transfer Over?

There’s a company called Senvion selling stock very cheap on 212 now. Looking into it, Siemens has bought the company. So what happens to the stock now? If it’s useless, why is the stock still available to buy?



Can somebody give us any clarity on Senvion ?
Siemens Gamesa bought Senvion for 200 mil euros in March 2020, but Senvion market cap looks to be under 50 mil according to Yahoo Finance or Business Insider. So is this a 3-4x investment opportunity ? or it’s just a stock about to be delisted ?! Why is SEN available to buy on trading212 ?
Please advise

Siemens bought assets not the company

Senvion website will redirect us str8 to Siemens Gamesa website :slight_smile:
Senvion official twitter page is telling us that Senvion is now Siemens Gamesa.
what is left of Senvion ? I can’t find any info about Senvion anymore … it’s all Siemens Gamesa now… but we can buy the stock ? $SEN ? on trading212 from all places :))

I don’t know how to explain this any better to you.

Senvion must have other assets it’s looking to sell