Separate Portfolio's

Not a big fan of pies and the massive list of stock and shares in my one portfolio, isn’t easy to manage.

With pies you have to export an under performing share, manipulate the remaining shares, blah, blah. While the share price is falling drastically, this can be quite frustrating.

I’d like to be able to place stocks and shares into separate portfolio’s, so all my EV’s in an EV portfolio, medical in a Medical portfolio and so on.

Plus, I don’t want my Acme stock in multiple portfolios, so once it’s added to one an indication and clicking on it takes you to it.

Obviously all the stocks and shares will still appear in a main portfolio…


@UrbanOutCask, Have you tried using different pies for your different investment themes? That is something I have done, however it does sort of make it difficult to add or deduct from a position because of having to rebalance pies etc but I think pies work pretty well to capture a theme and manage it, its like creating your own ETF