Service Status Page

Following the disruption and downtime today, yesterday and through past occurrences. I think it would be useful for Trading 212 to have a service status page displaying all the functions of Trading212’s platform (Login, Trading Ability, Order Excution etc.) and to display next them if these functions are operational.

This would help ease the workload for @Team212 having to respond to to hundreds of people complaining that their Trading service is down and means the Team can focus on resolving the issues rather than closing and merging topics on the forums.

Here is a image of EToro’s service status page:

It would be also be useful to have a feature that when features are down it notifies you through email, and you could post upcoming downtime due to maintenance notifications here as well.

I do agree that today and yesterday have been unusual trading days and there has been an unprecedented demand in trading services today, but do you have any plans/reassurance for the future to avoid downtime?



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How is this post inappropriate?

Not sure to be honest

But if I had to guess maybe it is because you are implying some kind of broker conspiracy

  • “locked out” / “decides not to allow you to access their platform” - nobody was locked out, platform technical issues/crashes yes but nobody at 212 sat there and said ah yep let’s annoy our entire user base today for a laugh by crashing our own platform
  • “these companies are all in bed together” - not sure what you mean by this, pretty common knowledge that T212 use Interactive Brokers as their intermediary if that is what you mean
  • “deliberately stops you trading” - if you are referring to GME, if Interactive Brokers pause trading so that they can deposit the billions of USD at clearing houses then what choice do T212 have?

Or maybe your post was flagged because it has nothing to do with the suggestion of a service status page, you just used the opportunity to have a rant, I have noticed completely off-topic replies are getting flagged now so maybe the reason here

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I have to careful what I say now.

The original post refers to the time and everything I said… so maybe relevant.

They wanted a status page at the time of the thing that was going on.

Could I ask what do think the service status page would have said?

Not really rant… had my rant with “ the maximum remaining quantity for long positions with this instrument is 0”