Setting Stop Loss on Manual and Pie trades

In Cloudflare I have 3.5 shares bought manually and 4.5 shares in a pie. It only allows me to set a Stop Loss for 3 shares.

  1. Can I set a Stop Loss for all 7 shares (or maybe 8, summing up the two 0.5 fractional shares)?
  2. Will Stop Loss on fractional shares be available soon?

Actually on Invest it is Stop Limit.

You can set Stop Limit only on shares outside pie, thus you need to move them out of pie in order to set them in sell orders.

Fractional limit orders are still in pipeline.

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Thank you for the clarification.

How can I move them from the pie into my manual orders? Is there a cost involved in this?

Nope, free of charge, just go to pie, holdings, scroll down. Should have “More options.”

Export Investments.

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That worked, thank you :+1:t2: