Setting take profit in an ISA

I was buying a stock recently, so i set a market order to buy it and then also set a stop loss order accordingly with my stop amount
I then went to set a take profit order but i got the error message ‘you have already set an order to sell your shares’
Does this mean that in an ISA account I cant set a take profit order if I’ve already set a stop loss up ?

Hey, @Hampshire101 :wave:

Attaching two pending orders to a position isn’t possible for the time being on Invest & ISA. Still, I do see how this can be useful and will forward your feedback to the team :pray:

@Hampshire101 Momchil has answered your question but I thought I’d add a couple of comments. We can now add notes to alerts and I find that really useful. I use chart analysis extensively and often will place limit orders (buy or sell) based on prices derived from chart analysis. However, there are a lot of times where I won’t to review things first (ie if price gets to $X review selling). Being able to add a note to an alert is really useful because I can use the note to tell me the meaning of the alert - “possible resistance”, “possible take profit level”, “review selling”. I don’t like stop loss orders because I regularly see instances where the price is dropped prior to a big rise. Thus I much prefer to set an alert and reminder (note) to prompt me to review the charts before deciding what action to take. That does mean that I won’t respond as quickly to a drop in the share price but personally I think the risk of the market triggering a stop loss when I wouldn’t want it doing to is much greater - its all personal choice and trading style.