Settings and indicators

Can anybody explain why I can’t see the rulers where the cursor is ?
Also what are those blue indicators ?
Thank you

The blue vertical lines are the “Tick volume”, which is the total volume of trade at a particular time.

What rulers are you asking about?

Hi Alien
I was trying to take a screen grab of the cursor but it didn’t work. Will try to explain .
When the cursor is moving I can see x time and y price numbers highlighted but I don’t see the rulers (lines) which makes it quite difficult. Is it just me or is it part of the interface on Trading 212?
Thank you

When you hover over the icon with the dark grey background in your screenshot, click on the arrow below it:

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-23 om 12.07.57

You can choose other options.

thank you sooooo much:)