Share Lending Interest (T212 Markets)


Can you please advise when it will be possible to receive our portion of the share lending interest as users under the European entity, as is currently available to users under the UK entity?

Your page advised “by the end of this year” but that is fast approaching.


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We’re working on delivering the feature as soon as possible for our EU clients, but I can’t confirm if this will be live by the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted on our progress, and we’ll announce any news as they come in :pray:

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Any news regarding the interest on share lending for Europe accounts?

Thank you!

It’s already available. To find more details about it, go to the ‘Menu’ → ‘Earn interest on shares’ section. Also, check the article here for more information about the feature.

Hi Bogi,

The Share Lending feature is availabe, but my question is, when will the daily interest feature work for Europe accounts (not UK). I know that last year it was still not working (legal issues etc).


Our EU clients receive daily interest on the shares that have been lent out.

Just so you know - the daily interest should be greater than 0.005 cents to earn interest on your shares. Any amount below 0.005 cents will not be rounded up, and you won’t receive any interest. For example, if you have 101 euros on loan and you’re not receiving any interest, the daily interest on your shares may be below the threshold.


Bogi, thank you a lot. It’s totally makes sense now, as my lent shares are about 100€ each.

Thank you for your work and have a good day!