Shorting question! Seeing the future

Hi, I am still learning here but I am
just wondering if the stocks are plummeting for a company (CCL) in the UK market, then surely they will plummet in their US market when it opens today?

Cant we use the knowledge of what this same company is doing in the UK market now to short its stocks on the US market, before market opening?

Surely Im overlooking something because this is like getting a glimpse into the future.

the problem here is that the price would already have dropped.

the US stock would gap its way down and you would not open a position on the winning side even if you tried to use the difference in market hours. this is just assuming your are on the invest account to buy shares.

The CFD account has extended markets which overlap with the UK market open times, so you would find the price is updated live.

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Yes, I am on an ISA account. Thanks for the response!