Show After-Hours Price When Markets Closed

Hi all,

Please see screenshots below:

Show the live after hours price when the markets are closed and display this next to or underneath the at close percentage gain/loss.

This stops me from having to search up each stock on Google/Yahoo for the after-hours price :joy:

It also helps as some stocks can be very volatile after hours such as penny stocks and would be a nice design feature to the app.

Thank you!


You can also use TradingView and enable extended hours, then just have a watch list. Web or App.


This would be a Good feature as this avoids users to switch between 2 different Platforms


However we still need to swap between different Platforms

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Thatโ€™s the case with most brokers, certainly in the UK.

Great suggestion, looking forward to this

Desperately needed feature for 212 app.


These are the top three features I want on Trading212! :pray:

(Separating Pie Investments from Manual Investments in the mobile app - I know this already available on the web version).

(Being able to track your investments more effectively on a daily, weekly and monthly basis).

(This one here, being able to view the after hours price of a stock through the app).

**@Team212 @David @George @Rumen **

These 3 features will be highly appreciated! :slight_smile: :+1:


bump, very important to have these features, especially pnl and extended hours

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