Show any limit on maximum position size

I regularly see people asking T212 to increase the maximum holding or order size for a particular company. It would be really useful if the “Instrument Details” in invest and ISA accounts show any limits for the company - order size or maximum holding limits


Hey, @WakeMeUp :wave:

This information is already available on our instruments page here. Still, I agree that seeing the data on an instrument’s page within the app would be useful, and I will forward your feedback to the team :pray:

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100% agree with this, I have started using another broker for a good chunk of my investing because of T212’s limits.

Having to revert to the website to see limits is cumbersome, also if you try go to the limits page on iOS using the link you just posted @Momchil.G then you get directed in to the T212 app and get an error:


And trying to view the page on mobile by copying the link and putting it in your browser on iOS you get a mobile website where by you can’t see the limits.

It’s just an all round poor experience to see limits. They need to be in app.


I’m checking the situation now and will update you. Thanks for sharing.

Quick update: We’re working on a fix.