Show purchase events in price history

The grey dotted line showing the average share price I bought or sold at at is good but sometimes I’d like a clearer indication of exactly what date and time and how much I bought. Perhaps an option to switch to vertical lines in the price history of a stock to see when I managed to buy low and sell high?

This probably isn’t necessary in the portfolio summary but I can see myself using this when looking at individual stocks.


There aren’t many platforms that provide it but I would love to see trades (date/price) marked on the price chart.

Personally I think that the investment management tools provided by companies will increasingly become major differentiators and competitive advantage. Having good stock screeners and other tools would make a big difference. Being able to visualise trades would be great and would really help people learn and see where their investment strategy is working and where it isn’t

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You can always create a highlighted object to place at the position where a Buy or a Sell occured. It will show up in the list of template objects and the visibility can be turned on or off. These objects auto-render themselves which is great. I use the ones below, but one can get really creative with charts when you have free time:slightly_smiling_face:

My only frustration is the T212 charting interface is unstable and randomly leaks charts, objects and information we create. I have escalated this on numerous occasions without luck.